Special projects

Skateboard Project with Mountain Local Boards and BETA Technologies

I recently created the graphics for a couple of skateboard decks commissioned by BETA technologies. This was a fun collaboration with one of the country's leading electric aviation tech companies and a local artisan skateboard and snowboard crafter. Click the link below to watch WCAX’s story on the project. 
WCAX Channel 3 Mountain Local Story

The Most Costly Journey

Presented by Vermont Folk Life Center and the Open Door Clinic this comic series documents the stories of migrant farm workers living in Vermont. The book was recently selected by the Vermont Humanities as the Vermont Reads Book of the year. Check out the links below to learn more.︎︎︎ Vermont Reads
Vermont Public radio

Click the images below to purchase a copy or see the full PDF comic and learn more about The Most Costly Journey project︎︎

Choose Your Own Adventure
Return of the Ninja

I had the honor of illustrating the pages of a reboot of the classic Choose Your Own Adventure title Return of the Ninja. This book series was one of my favorites growing up and I still love it today. Purchase the book by clicking the image below or check-out some of my illustrations in the Featured Work column of this site ︎︎︎︎︎︎ 

Day Tripping with Guster’s
Ryan Miller

Check out my contribution to the SEVEN DAYS comic issue. I teamed up with journalist Sally Pollock and Guster’s Ryan Miller for a fun filled romp through Vermont’s magical NorthEast Kingdom to bring readers an exciting bit of comic journalism.
Click the image below to see the full comic at Seven Days.com︎︎

On Safari with Ryan Miller at Robbie’s Wildlife Refuge

We’re back at it! This time Ryan and I team up for an exploration of one of Vermont’s most notorious dive bars; Robbie’s Wildlife Refuge.
Click the image below to see the full comic at Seven Days.com︎︎

Interview with Creativepool

Check out my interview with Creativepool.

VPR Cafe: food ethics
listen here︎︎︎
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