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The Most Costly Journey

This comic series documents the stories of migrant workers living in Vermont. Presented by Vermont Folk Life Center and the Open Door Clinic. This is the story of Juana.  Though her name has been changed to protect her identity this is her  story, as she told it.

Click image to see the full PDF comic and learn more about The Most Costly Journey Project︎︎︎︎︎

Return of the Ninja

“There is something terribly wrong at your friend Nada's magical dojo in Japan. Nada believes there is an ancient curse so powerful that it is killing her grandmother. YOU are a courageous and skilled ninja, but the threats to Nada's dojo will take all of your skills.” Purchase book here ︎︎︎ 

VPR Cafe: food ethics
listen here︎︎︎
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Work made for friends, family or myself


Choose Your Own Adventure  
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British Asian Trust
Deutsche Bank 
Brooklyn Vegan
Hartford Children’s Museum
World’s Fair Pictures
Salt Lake Magazine
One Vessel
Seven Days
Kids VT
Maupin House Press 
Chelsea Green Publishing 
Vermont Folk Life
Open Door Clinic
The Big Dig Boston
Palmer Sports  



I am an illustrator living in Burlington Vermont 

Largely self taught, I find inspiration in comic books, skateboard graphics, punk rock fanzines and the natural world 

My work reflects the medium.
Most pieces start with a traditional drawing that are then transformed using a variety of methods unique to digital art

I strive to create works both dynamic and balanced while meeting the particular needs of the commission at hand